Research – economic policy, market/applied and financial analysis
SME Development/Business Development Services (BDS) – helping to swell the pool of innovative and internationally competitive small businesses in an economy by delivering and promoting the spread of entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and attitudes/instincts (especially among youths, retirees, women, civil/public servants, etc) through sensitization/awareness creation, training, workshops & workshop/conference facilitation, mentoring, coaching, counseling and advisory services.

Business Strategy – with special emphasis on problem diagnosis and development of business ideas/solutions, marketing/sales – especially non-oil exports, production processes, taxation, human resources and deployment of ICT. The motivation is to help our clients identify and maximize opportunities, leverage core competencies, embrace innovation/explore new ways of doing business and creating wealth.

Access to Finance – building linkages (among enterprises and between enterprises and financial institutions), promoting strategic introductions as well as dealing with limitations (such as financial illiteracy) to effective supply of, and demand for credit – especially for SMEs.

Surveys – of socio-economic conditions, aimed at improving quality of current decisions and providing a viable platform for future projections and policy directions.